Stop losing money by ignoring your employees' Financial Wellbeing!

Create a financially stronger future for your business, your employees, their families and the wider community, with financial education, training and mentoring.

We believe in empowering your teams to become financially resilient, so that they can leave their money stresses at home, and be happier, and more productive at work.

It benefits your colleagues AND your business bottom line!

Financial Wellbeing Support is Needed More Than Ever

  • Almost 50% of UK employees say that money worries are affecting their performance at work.

  • 70% of all employees under 55 report being anxious or stressed about money.

  • Over a THIRD have missed work as a result of their financial situation.

  • Around 23% are experiencing financial stress severe enough to have an impact on their mental health.

  • A THIRD of employees are living payday to payday.

  • In England alone, around 400,000 people consider taking their own life, every year, due to money worries.

Education and Financial Understanding - Not Bailouts and Burnout

What is Financial Wellbeing?

Financial Wellbeing goes beyond simply providing a phone number on your intranet to a debt helpline, giving an advance on wages, or distracting from the stresses by providing fun activities or pizza on a Friday.

It involves equipping your employees and their families with the resources and knowledge that they need to become financially secure and confident.

(And, no, it does NOT mean that you'd simply be giving them the confidence to ask you for a payrise!)

Financial wellbeing helps reduce money stresses, at home and at work, within families and communities.

It enables people to have informed discussions around their finances, and to feel stronger in the face of financial challenges as life throws them curveballs.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, financial wellbeing is not just about earning more money or having wealth. It's about having the ability to understand and manage money effectively, to understand debt, and to have access to appropriate financial education and support.

In turn, this allows people from all backgrounds, job titles, ages and genders to make sound financial financial decisions, leading to reduced money worries - and greater focus and productivity at work!

Discover our range of workshops and other services

From the smallest of family or community based businesses, to the biggest of Global Corporations - financial wellbeing is important to every single member of the team.

We know that every organisation is different, with different staff demographics and priorities, so we offer a range of services and subjects to suit your, and their, needs.

Financial Education, online and in person, via a series of short "lunch & learn" style sessions, full day workshops teaching and supporting the implementation of practical positive changes, leadership training and consultancy to help you help your colleagues better, and 1:1 coaching and mentoring support for those needing individual help with navigating their relationship with money - we are here to help.

We believe that, together, we can build a financially stronger future for us all.

Full and Half Day group training - online and in person

Lunch & Learn style short workshops - online and in person

Workplace "Financial Champion" training - onsite or online

HR & Leadership consultancy & financial wellbeing support

Support for new starters and Graduate Training Programmes

1:1 financial coaching, mentoring & "money trauma" work

Our most popular Financial Wellbeing topics

Better Budgeting For All

Family Finances

Money 101 for new starters

Money & the Menopause

Breaking the Debt Cycle

The Brains Behind our Money Habits

Money Mindset & Management for High Achievers

Mind the Gaps - Gender, Culture, Education

This list is not exhaustive - speak to us for our full list or about your requirements for bespoke training